In 1995, Carrie Anne started a 15 year journey in the medical field which ranged from Clinical, Administrative and Office Management.  Her passion and focus eventually fell within Software Implementation and Training.

At Drexel College of Medicine Carrie Anne designed curriculums that dealt with electronic medical record's known as EMR and in practice management software.

Following that run in 2010, Carrie Anne transitioned into hospitality, restaurant management and consulting and her favorites; event production, music management and nightlife, as she changed her playing field she maintained the skills that made her so successful in Healthcare and applied them to the entertainment world with results that have been undeniable.

Over the last decade Miss Sanford has been curating and producing events, managing and booking talent, as well as planning national and global tours for her clients. Carrie Anne has single-handedly brought a level of organization and professionalism to the Philadelphia music scene that is second to none while simultaneously creating a massive national network of music, art, performance, and marketing experts.

She is currently designing a national tour for live house music veterans Worldtown Soundsystem that will include, but not be limited to, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC, Brooklyn and then finalizing the tour in their hometown of Philadelphia.

Carrie Anne is also managing and booking international DJ/Producer donnerstag and his global tour which include stops in the UK, Ibiza, Africa, Dubai, the Cayman Islands, South America, Poland and The Czech Republic. Carrie Anne is also mapping out donnerstag’s domestic romp which includes New York City, LA, San Fran, Chicago, Detroit as well as many other major cities.

Carrie Anne’s notable past productions include Gratitude Migration Festival, PEX Summer Festival, PEX Halloween, PEX Heartburn, PEX Official Afterhours, AFTR DARK at Front Street Café, THE LAB PHL and Tiki Tuesdays at Monarch Philly.

Now she has created along with partner, music veteran, Hesh Donnerstag, a full service, management, booking and marketing team comprised of a nationwide network of talent, venue owners, graphic designers, website creators, merchandisers, journalists, photographers, videographers and social media experts.